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How To Create Your Own TV Network

June 23, 2010


This is an amazing time for the entertainment industry. The transition to digital media has opened up scores of possibilities for almost anyone to become a “star” at some level. Of late I have become fascinated with the development of web enabled TV and how it could empower independent media in new ways. In a […]

Indie Artists: Where Your Music Needs To Be, Today and Tomorrow

June 5, 2010


The biggest challenge facing indie artists today is really the same one as always, exposure.  At first the web seemed to be the solution to that problem in and of itself but as things have evolved over the last 10 years or so it’s become obvious that the web is only a tool.  A very good […]

Promoting Indie Media: Getting Started

April 6, 2010


Whether you are taking the do it yourself route in distributing your music or film by choice or by necessity really makes no difference. But how you do it, right from the beginning, makes all the difference. I was formally introduced to the modern version of the Renaissance that is going on now in entertainment […]