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Indie Film And The Transition To TV: A New Income Model

June 3, 2010


  We are currently in the midst of an amazing time for independently produced media of all types.  The Internet brought with it the ability to distribute music, film and books to the world audience, or at least that part of the audience that is connected to the web.  The opportunity’s are endless and the […]

Turning your street team into a sales team

May 2, 2010


  I think that the title of this chapter summarizes the intent of social media as applied to its role in the distribution of your product.  Seeing it that way brings to mind walking through Times Square and running into people selling CDs by a local hip hop artist.  Isn’t that pretty much the definition […]

Laying out the tools

April 12, 2010


After listening to people talk endlessly about specific, somewhat limited, promotional methods such as working your social network like an encyclopedia salesman to achieve whatever it is you achieve through that I thought I’d kind of step back and start from the beginning. If you want to be realistic about it the major labels/studios found […]


April 9, 2010


  I suppose that I should talk a little bit about distribution before we get into marketing.  After all, if you have no way to get your material in front of an audience it doesn’t make much sense to market it. I created my Indie Media Show as an experiment in distribution. I was fascinated […]

Your Indie Media Business Plan

April 8, 2010


    When you set out to get funding for a film how much money do you build into that funding for marketing and promotion? Probably not very much. Possibly none. Why? Because most people start their entertainment business with the idea of being into product development only. It is like a company that makes […]